This menu point contains an "application form" a "diary" and a "small letterpart" as well. If you fill the application form and send it to us,we can accept your reservation. After that, we put it into the diary of reservation. In the case of coincidence we let you know in e-mail if you are the person who reserved it later.,

Your offer aroused my interest, I would like to book your apartment:
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     I accept the acknowledgement of reservation is in chronological order I accept that the person who is renting out the house do not take any responsibilities for the cancellation of the reservation (legal or financial)

     In the case of any conflicts in the time of the reservation we will try our best to coordanite the available times for you and we will send to you the list of times which are available.

     I accept that after the acknowledgement I have to arrive until 6 p.m. on the first day, otherwise the former reservation will become invalid.

     I accept that the facts and information on this home page are informative and any differences can be imaginable.

     I accept that minimum 1 room or a double bed could be rent out if I don t reserve the whole apartment.